Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Domination and Power Lust Hurts People

"Whosoever ... desires domination and power, very often seeks to obtain what he loves by most open crimes." --Augustine

Even crimes such as lying, controlling, deceiving, envying, competing, jealousy, boastfulness, ridicule, bombast, fakery, withholding, manipulation, cheating, and rudeness are considered - by me, anyway - to be 'most open crimes'.

As the recipient of such open crimes I can testify that they really are criminal. They hurt. They confuse, frustrate, and cause to stumble.

They are not only not good, they are very very bad. Evil even.

Thanks be to God whose presense in our lives bears fruit that is lovely, good, uplifting, and true.

I choose to avoid evil in whatever form it takes - to battle it to the death if need be! - whether in others or in myself. When in others, an admonishment may be called for. Sometimes walking away is the only recourse. But evil - if it won't be confessed and repented of - must be shunned, for it is a thief of serenity, and a time-bandit, and a messer of minds.

I choose to 'think on these' noble things, and shun the open crimes which creep into life but can easily be swept away once recognized.

Secret: Recognize and Refuse

Over and over if necessary.

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