Friday, April 16, 2010

Meditations Within and Without

A drippy day.

Lilac blossoms.

Milk and tea.

Quiet heart, meditative mind.

Rejoice in the Lord always.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1 - Vibrant Day

Beauty has many forms. Obvious and overlooked. In front of our faces and under our feet. Within us. Without us. It's everywhere.

To live a mindful life, to choose to see with eternity's eyes rather than the world's, this is my choice.

The more I learn of cultures far away the more I realize that the average American's life is so very utilitarian. Make money. Buy things. Make more money. Buy bigger, faster things. Make more money. Worry about all the money. Fix and insure all the things. Squeeze money from any source possible. Hoard, throw away, or sell cheap the old things then buy new things that will soon be hoarded, thrown away, or sold cheaply. And complain. All the time complain complain complain. Where is the beauty? Even children are rushed, pulled, shoved, exhausted, and exasperated.

The most heard complaints?

1. We are sooo busy.

2. We are sooo tired.

Is this really living? Or merely existing?

I find myself invigorated and comforted as well as amazed at the many forms of beauty in my life.

Simple things. Complicated things. Ordinary and special.

The hurry up and die life is not for me.

Savoring. That's the way I live.

Death will come soon enough. No need to hurry.

Today enjoy the vibrant day, the beauty. Slow down. Prioritize true quality over status quo, zestful living over expected plodding, loveliness over noise and toys, and lingering expressions of love over all.