Friday, January 29, 2010

January Promise

Energy vibrates. In people, flora, and fauna.

Stems shoot from winter's wet, dark soil.


Pups, kitties, squirrels, calves, lambs, children transcend lethargy. Bodies - tense with joyous excitement - exhibit expectation, wonder.

"Something is on the way, something living, growing!" As if cocked ears can hear the earth's creaking, snapping, whispering, whooshing awakening from slumber, stretching upward, outward.

Heels skip high, kick, change direction in mid-air, meet the ground in motion.

Unhurried, Earth awakens. She takes her sweet time. Each signal offered is met with greeting, understanding, anticipation. Beauty. Warmth. Color. Freedom from stuffy homes and bulky cold-weather clothing. Bare feet, straight garden rows, scents sent from heaven which delight noses. High sunshine. Elixir of life!

Yesteryears past dance in the forefront of memory.

Celebration begins in the hearts and minds of the aware. Cycles noticed, appreciated. Welcomed.

These are things that unify. Sameness. Equality.

Spring envelops everyone, everything in its time.

We are more alike than different. Seasonal cycles remind us so.

We do well to listen.