Saturday, November 21, 2009


My blog friend, Jill, lives in Alaska. She is a athletic adventurer who snowshoes, rides her bike on snow in grueling marathons, hikes, takes gorgeous photos, and writes. An amazing young person.

This photo takes my breath away. I'm borrowing it from Jill for my little blog scrapbook.

Inspiration takes many forms. This is just one.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Realizing Love

Sometimes a person just needs to make chocolate chip cookies.

With nuts.

With oatmeal.

With coconut.

When alone, Carly Simon on the stereo, pup curled on the kitchen rug.

No need to eat any. Strange. Sampled the dough of course, just to be sure it was right, wink wink.

It was.

And I have six dozen cookies less a few the daughters ate upon their arrival home from teaching children science at a daycare center.

Kept a few out for the working man's return. How I love hearing him return!

But most - the best - are stashed away for the sons this weekend.

Yes, when I make cookies for my people it is as though they are right there in the room with me. My love goes into the treats.

Cookies and love.